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Becoming a Patient

What should I do to receive services offered by the FHT?

How to become a patient?
Call 905-455-1455 or 905-455-1331

What does it mean to be rostered to a physician?
The physicians and staff of Queen Square FHT have formed a team to provide you with the best integrated health care. We use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to coordinate your health information and organize our schedule to offer:

  1. Same day appointments
  2. After hours care

By rostering you are signing-up to receive your health care from this team. From the Provincial point of view it is a very efficient and cost-effective way of providing you with the best health care. 

What we ask is that you use Queen Square FHT and its physicians as your first choice for primary health care, and avoid other services such as walk-in clinics and other health providers.

What happens if I see another physician?
Queen Square physicians are organized to provide on-call and out-of-office coverage for each other. Behind the scenes they coordinate your health information and health care, so there is no problem in seeing another physician of Queen Square FHT. In fact, this is part of the advantage of your rostering with such a team.

However, if you regularly use walk-in clinics or other primary care facilities it is a sign that you are not serious about being a patient with Queen Square FHT, and you may be "de-rostered".

Do I loose my rostered status if I go to the Emergency Department or see a specialist?
No! In the Ontario health care system, emergency, specialist and the "primary" care services provided by Queen Square FHT are all complementary parts.

The concern is only if you regularly use an alternative to your rostered physician, such as going to a walk-in clinic.

What happens if I become derostered?
You can still see your doctor but you won’t be eligible to receive the FHT services.

Can I regain my rostered status?
Call one of the numbers above and speak with staff or your physician.

What should I do to maintain my rostered status?
We ask that when you need care you first check to see if it can be provided by Queen Square FHT and physicians. We have space reserved for same day appointments, extended hours of care.