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Breastfeeding clinic & Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

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The benefits of breastfeeding have been widely acknowledged and documented throughout the literature. Breastfeeding protects, and contributes to, an infant's and mother’s optimal health and well-being. Queen Square Family Health Team’s goal is to increase the level of knowledge, understanding, and confidence related to breastfeeding, so that informed decisions can be made. 

We encourage mothers to breastfeed their children and want to provide adequate support for them to meet their goals; thus, Queen Square Family Health Team offers the following services:

·       Breastfeeding Clinic

·       Prenatal Breastfeeding Education 


Queen Square Family Health Team Breastfeeding Clinic

The Breastfeeding Clinic provides appointments with a nurse and specialized doctor at all stages of breastfeeding, for any breastfeeding challenge!

This service:

·       Supports families in the initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding through support and resolution of challenges

·       Provides information about breastfeeding basics

·       Is covered by OHIP

·       Is located at the same office as your Family Doctor

·       You will be seen by a registered nurse and a physician specialized in breastfeeding medicine, who can provide support at all stages of breastfeeding, for any breastfeeding issue!

The breastfeeding clinic is here for support and provide additional information to assist families begin and maintain breastfeeding!

We can help you with…

Maternal Issues:

·       Milk Supply

·       Nipple Pain

·       Cracked & Bleeding Nipples

·       Latching & Position

·       Previous breast reduction

·       Engorgement

·       Flat or Inverted Nipples

·       Blocked milk ducts

·       Mastitis/Abscess

Infant Issues:

·       Slow weight gain

·       NICU discharge

·       Failure to thrive

·       Prematurity

·       Thrush

·       Colic

·       Formula Intolerance

For more information & to call and book an appointment please contact Queen Square Family Health Team at: 905-453-1453. Please note: A referral from your family physician is required.

We encourage a support person to accompany each new mother!



Queen Square Family Health Team Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Best Start For Baby!

QSFHT is pleased to announce the implementation of Prenatal Breastfeeding Education! The education will take place quarterly for women at 24+ weeks gestation. The 2.5 hr group education workshop will cover:

·       How Breastfeeding Works

·       How to Breastfeed

·       Common Concerns & Management

·       Misconceptions & Myths  

The session will allow you to:

·       Meet other mothers

·       Learn about breastfeeding basics

·       Learn practical skills

·       Ask questions

·       Connect with health professionals

·       Create a breastfeeding action plan and personalized goals

We encourage one support person to accompany each expecting mother!

The session will take place at the Queen Square Family Health Team Vodden Location (36 Vodden Street East).

For more information & to call and register please contact Queen Square Family Health Team at: 905-453-1453

Breast Feeding Clinic